With a decade of friendship and a shared passion for event planning, we followed our hearts and created BellaRu Events; an event planning company based in Los Angeles. After working together to coordinate various events for friends and family, we found ourselves constantly searching for new and creative ideas to make the next event better than the last.

The name BellaRu is a collaboration of two very important people in our lives . . . Our grandmothers!


With Italian roots and a wild personality, Valerie's grandmother found it comical for people to address her as Sandra Queen Bella. Valerie's fondest childhood memories were sitting at her grandmother's bar, watching her sip scotch and water while dancing the night away, especially to anything by the Rolling Stones.


  We combined "Bella" with "Ru" to represent Tiffany's grandmother, Ruth. There were two things Ruth loved . . . throwing a grand themed party and cocktails. She was truly the life of any party she hosted or attended, and is without a doubt, still living up to that expectation in Heaven.



Valerie has always had a creative eye to take an idea and turn it into a reality. As the go-to person among many family and friends for event planning, she has created everything from invitations and fondant cakes, to centerpieces and custom favors for various events. As a stay-at-home mother, she has perfected the art of organization and smart budgeting. When asked why she chose event planning as a career, her response was, "I want to go to work every day with the opportunity to meet new people, help them create memorable moments, and be challenged with new projects and visions. The fun part of event planning is that there are no rules and the possibilities are endless."





She worked for a well-known mortuary planning

  funerals for seven years


Friends say her laugh is contagious and she is

  hard to forget


She is a true believer that "Diamonds are a girls

  best friend" since she loves anything that



If she won the lotto, her dream would be to open

  dog shelters around the world


She graduated from the University of California

  Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts degree in



Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, Garth Brooks and Charlie Hunnam are her top web searches.


Baseball is the sport of choice in her household,

  although she's the only one who is a Giants fan!


She loves anything Disney


Tiffany’s passion for event planning started 15 years ago, when she assisted with her mother's wedding photography business. Since then, she has cultivated a deep love for photography which has shaped and inspired her creativity through the lens of a camera. She possesses impeccable attention to detail, an eye for beauty, and technical skills necessary to capture and execute the perfect special occasion. She prides herself in her natural ability to bring her client’s visions and dreams to life. From intimate parties to grand events, Tiffany firmly believes in making each event a success in the eyes of her client's by lifting the weight off their shoulders to achieve results that appear seamless and stunning to guests, all at a reasonable budget.




She is a dedicated Yogi; she does yoga almost

  every day


Friends have nicknamed her "Paparazzi" since

  she is always ready to capture a moment with her

  camera or iPhone


  In her spare time she enjoys baking, hiking, the

   beach, and going to Disneyland


She graduated from California State University of

  Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts degree in



She loves good tea, great coffee, and red wine


If she was stuck on an island and had to eat two

  things for the rest of her life, they would be dark

  chocolate and bacon


Planning and exploring new places are some of

  her passions. Her favorite places to visit are Lake

  Tahoe, Big Sur, Seattle, Yosemite, Chicago and

  New York