"These ladies were fantastic! They were so helpful with getting my ducks in a row , especially before the big day. The day of was crazy and goes so fast, and Val & Tiff just ran the show. We had a couple hiccups during the reception (we forgot the cake knife!) and they figured it out and nobody was the wiser. They have inspired ideas and real knack for design should you need additional opinions. They totally got the theme we were trying to meld into our event and it was truly the perfect day. I know it's hard to find the right people you can trust to help on such a valuable day - but they are the real deal. And you'll be laughing the whole way through with them at your side. Can't recommend them enough!"

Melissa Fried

"If you are trying to find the best wedding planners for your special day, then I hands down recommend BellaRu Events. Even though I am a vendor who has worked with them, I don't even consider them "vendors" I consider them friends! They put their heart and soul into every little detail for your wedding and work hard to ensure that you feel

cared for and stress-free!

I have worked several weddings with these women over the past few years and always always enjoy their energy and joy that they bring with them! They have the ability to make you feel extremely comfortable and taken care of because of their thoroughness before, during and after the wedding! Look no further for the most down-to-earth, kind-hearted and committed people in the industry! Tiffany and Valerie have your backs 110% - I wouldn't recommend anyone else! Can't wait to hire them for my own wedding one day! :)"

Katelyln Kalon Photography

"My review might be a little different than most others, because I didn't actually hire BellaRu Events for my wedding. However, I'm a wedding photographer and I had the honor of working with Valerie & Tiffany from BellaRu from the very beginning. I've worked with SEVERAL wedding coordinators, and I know a good one when i see one. Lemme tell you, these girls are the best! They know good aesthetic, they're super professional, and best of all, they're incredibly sweet people. Working with other nice vendors makes the wedding day SO much better for everyone involved. I highly recommend BellaRu for your event coordinating!"

Brett & Tori

"Love Val and Tiff! The venue my husband and I chose requires a day of planner. A family friend

recommended BellaRu Events! I met with Val and Tiff and fell in love instantly with both of them! We

hired them for month of coordinating and we couldn't be happier. The girls were organized, thorough,

and made the day go smoothly. I was able to enjoy the day knowing BellaRu Events could handle

anything that went their way. I highly recommend BellaRu Events for your planning needs!"

Corinne & Clay Goodman

"I had the great fortune to work with Tiffany and Valerie, when I performed at a wedding ceremony

and reception at Lake Tahoe (Yes--They will coordinate your event outside of the L.A. area). They

are so easy to work with, and they work to make everything simple, and they want to make

everything simple for their clients, too. At the event, all communication was friendly and with a smile.

It was a sheer pleasure to work with them, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to perform for

their clients again."

Anne R.

"My husband and I had the pleasure of working with BellaRu on our wedding.  Valerie and Tiffany were a delight, professional, and knew the details around wedding planning and re-planning.  We started our relationship with BellaRu as my husband and I were both heavy in our careers with no time to plan a wedding.  BellaRu explored venues & vendors which met our criteria (ocean setting/cliff) and had a detailed budget plan for us to use throughout the process.  What was unexpected is that my husband and I did a 180 degree turn and decided to elope to Mexico!  Val and Tiffany were quickly able to accommodate this change of plans; contacted the resort’s coordinator on the property; and researched the proper documentation to be married in Mexico with 7 days to spare.   It went off without a hitch!   Though we would have loved to have BellaRu there on our wedding day, the ladies were there in spirit.    I can honestly say that if you choose BellaRu, you will LOVE these two gals.  Over the seven month relationship, we shared wedding magazines, advice, texts, emails, and a lot of smiles and laughter.   You will be in great hands!"

Leslie Ugel

"What can we say?! Having the ladies of Bella Ru coordinate and help plan our wedding was probably the best decision we made. From the instant we met Valerie and Tiffany, we knew that they would get the job done! Not only are they down to earth and super personable, but they are on top of everything. Bella Ru provides many different service packages and we asked Val and Tiff to provide their services for the month of our wedding, but they went above and beyond that!  They knew all our contracts front to back, all our vendors by name, and they saw the same vision of our wedding as we did...they basically have ESP!


They attended each meeting we had with our vendors and made sure everyone was on the same page. And the best part about having them there during the whole planning process was that they knew all the important questions to ask!

Getting married is a stressful and nerve-wrecking process but Bella Ru makes it easy and can provide a laugh or two to help ease those queasy feelings. They created our timeline for us with everything we wanted and our guests were all so impressed with how smooth our wedding day was.


We don’t miss the stress of planning our wedding but we miss working with the ladies of Bella Ru. Our two pieces of advice to those getting married are 1) get a wedding planner and 2) hire Bella Ru. They are the perfect team...the Bella Ru Baddies!!"

Ron & Sara Garcia

"I had the honor of having Tiffany and Valerie plan my bridal shower, and without any direction from me, they exceeded my expectations. Everything from the banners, dessert table, and party favors were perfectly tied in. They created personalized games that kept me and my guests laughing throughout the day. Their attention to detail, creativity, and work ethic makes them the perfect team. It was so nice to let go of control and be able to sit back and enjoy the day. My shower was simply beautiful and a day I will cherish forever."

Courtney Roberts

"These two girls are a breeze to work with. They are really on point when it comes to schedules and keeping everyone on them. Their passion for weddings and event planning is very apparent from the day you meet them until the end of the actual event day. I have shot many events for them and every one has gone off without a hitch. If an issue did come up, they did a great job of resolving it without notice from any guests or myself for that matter. I look forward to working with the BellaRu team for many events to come."

Shaunt B

"Tiffany and Valerie are dream-makers. When I think back to my wedding day, I think of how I didn't have to worry about a thing. I remember my mother telling me that I "had the biggest smile on my face all day" and that was all thanks to these two girls. That is how every girl should feel on their big day, and that is all thanks to them and their masterful creativity for building a game plan for the big day, down to the minute, that would help everyone stay on task and simply enjoy the event. They gave their time, energy, and creativity to help me express what was truly important for my husband and I, and allowed that to be their focus. When planning a wedding, many facets are involved from families to which vendor to use, and Tiffany and Valerie helped me overcome those challenges by being a confidant, a sounding-board, and a genuine voice on my behalf. Tiffany and Valerie truly know how to help you throw a good party, and I look forward to recommending them in the future for all events, big or small!"

Jessica Kim

"I had the pleasure of working with BellaRu events for a wedding on July 9, 2016 at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, CA and let me tell you, they were quite the dream team! They were super easy to work with, made sure each and every detail was perfect, and ultimately created an amazing evening for the bride and groom. I highly recommend them for your next event!"

DJ Keelez

"My daughter wanted a small, intimate wedding so I thought, no big deal. Then I did some research on "how to plan a wedding" and realized WRONG, it's a very big deal. No matter the size/number of guests (we had 100 guests), the Things To Do List for a wedding is a very, very long one!  And, I wanted to fully enjoy the day of my daughter's wedding, so I hired Bella Ru Events, best decision ever!!


Tiffany and Valerie are awesome ladies. Extremely organized (including a wedding day timeline!), always accessible, and knowledgeable/experienced in every area, from A to Z, no joke.  They asked questions about things that we didn't even think of, and had many great suggestions too.


They met with us on several occasions to go over/double-check/triple-check "the list." They were in contact with all the vendors, and they knew what we wanted ~ from how things were supposed to look, (flowers to table settings, etc.), and they went to the venue weeks before the wedding to familiarize themselves with the layout and make suggestions as to where to put the cake, the gift table, the musicians/DJ, etc., etc.


They were there for us at the rehearsal, and early on the day of the wedding to receive the vendors, to make sure everything was set up the way we wanted, and to individually hang 37 strands of origami cranes on fishing line from the top of the canopy, and across the 20' width of the canopy!! Using a ladder and standing on an uneven rock wall in front of a waterfall and around shrubs....to put it mildly, this was no easy feat. But they did it and the effect was beautiful.


Bella Ru left nothing to chance, every i dotted, every t crossed. On the day of the wedding we had ZERO concerns, and the ceremony and reception couldn't have been more perfect for everyone.


The bonus in hiring Bella Ru is that in addition to these ladies being professionally awesome, they are that and more personally too! Beautiful, charming, funny and fun to be with.


Karen Palty